03 May 2012

The Trip Route

Several people have asked if there is a map to follow the trip or a route to follow day by day. Josh has the route loaded into his GPS (Jill) and I have a huge stack of maps. We sat down with Ian McLeod a couple of months ago and planned the route. It took us hours, and to be honest, we haven't planned the last of our trip, once we leave Corvallis, Oregon for the last leg home.

For now, our route is as follows:

Day one: Denver to Flaming Gorge, UT--323 miles

Day two: Palisades Rervoir, ID--252 miles

Day three: Darby, MT--308 miles

Day four: Sagle, ID--255 miles (staying with a friend's aunt)

Day five/six: Banff/Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada--291 miles

Day seven: LaSalle Lakes Rec area (west of McBride), British Columbia--275 miles

Day eight: Hudson's Hope, British Columbia--332 miles

Day nine: Beaver Lake Rec/Liard hot springs (west of Fort Nelson) BC--298 miles

Day ten: Watson Lake, British Columbia--312 miles

Day eleven/twelve: Takhini Hot Springs, Yukon Territory--288 miles

Day thirteen: Klondike River Campground, Yukon Territory--312

Day fourteen: Tok, AK (via Top of the World Hwy if open)--193 miles

Day fifteen: Fairbanks, AK (couch surfing)--236 miles

This is where the trip may really change depending on weather. The hope is to travel north on the haul road (Dalton highway) as far north as we can, reaching the Arctic ocean. A little less than half of the road is dirt/gravel mix, so if it is raining, we will change our plans. Also, the temperature in Prudhoe Bay, at the moment, is stil in the single and low double digits for the highs. That is sort of miserable to ride in.... The following itinerary is the plan for good weather!

Day sixteen: Marion Creek campground--264 miles

Day seventeen: Deadhorse, AK (as far north as you can drive in North America)--235 miles

Day eighteen: Marion Creek campground--235 miles

Day nineteen: Fairbanks, AK--264 miles

Day twenty/twenty-one: Denali National Park, AK--123 miles

Day twenty-two/three: Talkeetna, AK (staying w/our friend Robin!)--154 miles

Day twenty-four: Whittier, AK--172 miles

Day twenty-five/six: Seward, AK--89 miles

Day twenty-seven: Gakona, AK--323 miles

Day twenty-eight: Kluane Lake, British Columbia, Canada--345 miles

Day twenty-nine: Skagway, AK--232 miles

Day thirty through thirty-four: AK Marine Hwy, Skagway-Bellingham WA

Day thirty-five: Seattle, WA (staying w/ cousin Laura!)

Day thirty-six: Corvallis, OR (staying w/Julie!)

Home from there. Probably another five or six days to do so. As the trip progresses, I will update the route. Now I am exhausted from just typing it out!

Only 12 days til we leave!


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