16 May 2012

Good morning, Utah!

And good evening, Idaho!
We had a beautiful day of riding today! Utah was beautiful this morning, Wyoming was lovely, if a bit rainy in the afternoon, and now here we are in Idaho for the evening.

The only thing of note happened as we pulled out of camp and got about 100 yards away. Louise learned a very important lesson. Just because the helmet is left on the motorcycle all night and not on the ground like the boots, does not mean one doesn't need to check it before putting it on. I am pretty sure I screamed like a little girl when the spider went running along the inside of my visor, right in front of my eyes. Okay fine, note taken.

Oh, one other thing. We left Wyoming and were riding in Idaho. For about a minute and a half. Then the road took us back into Wyoming and there it was. The best billboard ever. It was huge and it said "Anytime is Taco time!" Awesome and so true.


These two pics are of Sheep's Creek in NE Utah. It was really beautiful!


  1. No picture of the taco billboard?

  2. No, we came flying around a corner at 65mph and saw it. Hey, I tried to win a GoPro camera for the trip, but never got one. That would be awesome to have--I keep wanting to take pictures and video on the fly.