22 May 2012

Rain, rain, rain, and more rain...

All it did for almost 300 miles today was rain. For those who may be wondering, Gaerne boots and Gerbings heated gloves, although they say they are, are NOT waterproof. They held out for quite a time, but gave in to the rain eventually.

We opted for a hotel room tonight. I was not going to camp in this.

There were a couple of highlights to the day--three if you count the fact that I didn't have to fight to stay in a hotel tonight. About five minutes after we left camp this morning, Josh called back to me, "Bear on the left!" I looked over and there was a big grizzly who stood up on his hind legs as we approached and watched us ride by. He was amazing! I'm pretty sure, as he was watching, he was thinking, "Oh yeah, German engineering! And it looks so good in Titan Blue." I'm SURE that's what was on his bear brain.

The other high point was getting to Dawson Creek, and the start of the Al-Can highway. Somehow that makes it all seem like we are really on our way to Alaska. Although all it really means is that the speed limit and the temperatures are going to drop, and the road is going to get full of potholes and frost heaves. Still, it was pretty neat!

For now, we have almost all our gear spread all over the hotel room. Even the rain fly is out and trying to dry! We are hoping for fewer rain drops tomorrow!


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