20 May 2012

Montana and Northern Idaho

Have I mentioned that Montana is beautiful? It is. Maybe we'll move there and open a B&B or maybe just have a horse ranch. Whatever it is, we will go to the bakery just west of MT93 on 200. I feel certain it had a name, but I have no idea what it is. I just know that I have heard about this bakery for three years, since Josh and Ian got back from their Canadian Rockies trip.

After we left our campsite, our first stop was Orange Acres, a used car lot/defunct commune. Josh and Ian stayed there on their trip, right around bakery time, and had fun stories to tell about Jeff and Orange Acres. We chatted with him and then walked out to see the goats, sheep, bunnies, collections of...crap, pallets, and weird stuff turned into a mini golf course unlike any you have ever seen.

Then we got to move on to the bakery and eat our fill of fresh, homemade donuts. One was named The Bear Trap. It was a donut wrapped around fresh blueberry, blackberry,and raspberry filling. We learned a lot a out the bakery, Nancy who makes all the awesome goodies, the Garden of 1000 Buddhas that is being built in the area, and how the Secret Service scandal was actually a setup to cull the worst 10% of the service.

Above: Nancy

Below: The bakery. See, it doesn't even have a sign. I have no idea what the name is.

The other thing we learned about was a spring that has the "best water in the world." the directions were go past a highway turnoff, look for the white barn, and it is on the other side.

See the white barn.

Yup, I just drank right out of the spouting water. It was pretty awesome.

The end of that day had us driving through Sandpoint, ID to Sagle. We stayed with John and Carol. Carol is the aunt of our friend Justin Hicks. They took us to dinner at the local hangout, and it was fun seeing how they knew everyone in the area. We had such a great time with them--fantastic conversation, super nice people, and huge animal lovers. They currently had 5 rescue dogs, 3 rescue llamas, 4(?) rescue goats including a fainting goat, and 3 chickens. Can you see how we got along!?! We had a great night and a nice start to the morning having coffee and cinnamon buns for breakfast. We really hope to see them again and hope that we can always be as hospitable to travelers as they were.

Justin, the water wheel and the outdoor shower were awesome!


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    1. It sounds like you are lucky to have friends that you can stay with for the night. The sights sound beautiful! It's great to keep up with you!