29 April 2012

Getting ready....

This is a test. This is only a test. I'm trying out the new blog and getting it set up now. It seems a better idea than trying to get it all started somewhere in the middle of the forest in Utah or Wyoming. Two weeks and two days from today, Josh and I start out on our trip to Alaska. Josh is riding his 2005 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom and I will be on my 2002 BMW F650GS. We will be on the road for almost two weeks before we even get into the state of Alaska, going through Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon Territory before riding the Top of the World Highway (a dirt road that I am not certain should really be referred to as a highway) across the border.

We are in heavy preparations for the trip right now. The guest room has exploded with camping equipment (at the moment we have more than 30 days of camping planned on the route...), food stuff, riding gear and clothing. The motorcycles have been taken apart and put back together in a number of different ways for maintenance and modifications. A couple of days ago my bike was in the shop to have my front fork seals and dust boots replaced. Yesterday, we did an oil and filter change, an air filter change, and wired in a USB charger and heated gloves--all on my bike. I am still waiting to receive the air horn and engine guards I ordered. They will probably arrive in time for Josh to be out of town and for me to install them myself. We'll see how that goes....

Ok, for now, that is all. I cannot figure out how to get images from the iPad to upload (I know you want to see exploding supplies and wonder how in the world it will all get packed down onto a motorcycle), so I need to work on that. If anyone has any tips for me, let me know.

Also, in case I missed letting someone know about this blog, feel free to pass it on!



  1. I can't wait to hear it all! And yes,I want pictures of the exploding camping equipment. That sounds like my kind of house.

  2. Yowza! This sounds Ah-Mazing!!! I'll have to put you in my list of favorite blogs so that I can follow your wonderful adventures. Have fun!

  3. Have the best time ever! I know I'll get to see pics when we all get back to work, but the blog will be a lot more fun!

  4. Go get em girl! Have a great time - Jack & Sarah