23 December 2012

May Santa bring you all you desire! (In his under-powered sleigh)

Happy holidays from my moveable home to yours!
With the first of winter upon us in Denver (not to mention being in California for a bit), my sweet bike is plugged in to the trickle charger and hanging out in the garage. I actually had to drive my truck to work three days last week. It's ok, you can feel sad for me; I do.

I did actually ride the bike to the bottom of this mountain. A 4 mile hike straight up (ok, maybe not straight up, but it felt like it!) brought me to this spot.

The holidays have brought on some serious pondering. My bike produces about 50 horsepower. What is the conversion of that to reindeer power. Well, after doing some research tonight, it appears that reindeer are about 15% of the power of a draft horse. My 2002 BMW F650GS engine produces about 333 reindeer power. Suck it Santa! My bike is SO much faster than your crappy sleigh with 8 (or is it 9--I really think Rudolph might be fictional) reindeer!

Anyway, as the year comes to a close, I want to give a shout-out to my favorite local vendors. Motogear Outlet in Arvada has kept me warm and dry in my Olympia gear. Mike, Debbie, and Chris at Supertune in Lakewood have kept my bike running beautifully, and helped me prove that I can, in fact, u-turn my bike. It was not operator error, but notched steering parts--I u-turn like a champ now, thanks! And most of all--HUGE THANKS to Rob, Dave, Jen, and CoCo at Let It Ride in Lakewood! They have kept me in everything else, and I mean everything else, I could possibly need, and Rob and Davey are always happy to listen to my stupid stories, and share good tips for changing tires on my own. I love you guys!

This picture was taken in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada. Oh yeah, I took you guys with me!
May 2013 find all riders having fun and staying safe, and may Santa bring you all the motorbike STUFF you could possibly want this Christmas!


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