15 December 2012

John Rogers

About a week ago, I decided I wanted to write about my friend Barbara and her son, John, who was lost in a motorcycle accident one year ago. When I asked her for a picture, she sent it along with a story that says far more about him than I ever could.

John and his mum, Barbara--Mason City, Iowa

" There are so many photos…Robyn actually took this photo (with the camera I lost in the fire) when John surprised me by visiting me in Iowa. Robyn had accompanied me to Mason City so I could look after my mother (who’s in a nursing home there with Alzheimer’s). John was in Fairmont, MN, on business, and he phoned to say that he finished early and would drive down (about an hour or so) to visit my mother and have dinner with us, as he wasn’t flying out until the next day. We went to the Northwestern Steak House, which was my dad’s favorite place to get steak (and soon became John’s after he ate there after my dad’s funeral in 2006), and had a great visit. John went to Fairmont several times, and whenever he finished early, he would always go down to Mason City to see my mother, even when I wasn’t in town. She didn’t know who the hell he was, but she was pretty pumped that such a handsome young man had come to visit her.

"After I moved to Australia, he took to calling me “Mummy.” So whenever he phoned, he’d either say “Hello, Mummy!” or “’Bye, Mummy!” I miss that. His brother, Jeremy, is a rougher version of John – swears when he feels like it... People just love them; they can’t help it."

John "Hippie" Rogers June 30, 1976-December 15, 2011

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