02 July 2017

It's Almost Here!!!

Who is getting excited? This girl!

So, it finally happened. This thing I've been thinking about peripherally is almost here, and I finally realized it's actually going to happen. I've known this monster trip was coming for the last five years. But, for so long, it has been a long way off. It is no longer a thing onthefar off horizon. In fact, I am less than two months away.

I went to Barnes and Noble today, and had a moment. My older brother texted me a picture this morning of me in ADVMoto Magazine. I thought I should go pick up a copy--you know my mom will want to see it--and I found myself in front of a beautiful array of motorcycle magazines. I picked up one particularly stunning magazine called Overland, and flipped through it. It's beautifully laid out, with great stories of people traveling all over the world.

As I stood there enjoying such a lovely periodical, it suddenly hit me. I'm going to be one of these people soon! I won't be standing at home or at work, reading other people's stories, and envying their adventures. On Tuesday, August 29, I get to set out on a trip that I have been planning for, thinking about, saving places on a map, and saving money from each paycheck in an account just for this purpose.

I can't lie, I got a little emotional. I stood there and said, out loud, "I get to go do this!"

Does this little moment of mine seem like a surprise? I have, after all, been thinking about if for five years. But, that's just it. For five years, it has been something so far off, something hypothetical. In the last year, I have let almost everyone know about it. Some people knew from the beginning, and either forgot about it, or like me, figured it was a nice pipe dream that would probably never come to fruition.

As I have let people know more recently--particularly riders and travelers--there has been a huge outpouring of moral support. I am ever so grateful and appreciative to everyone who has offered positive words, cheered me on, and asked for my blog address to follow along.

Our three day trip--gotta test out the gear!

Do you want to do it? Do you want to go on an epic adventure of some sort, but aren't sure how to make it happen? You can. I've just returned from what I consider an epic adventure. I spent 14 days out and rode 3,497 miles. It was 14 days, not 10 months, but it was amazing in its own way. Just before that, Josh and I rode three days and camped two nights. It was its own adventure. Take yours!

Want advice on how to figure it out? Ask someone who has done it. It is within your reach. There are a number of resources including websites and local communities where you can find people who have done it.

The first day of my recent two week trip--everyday just kept getting better!

I am so excited! It is so close. Follow along with me. I have two more rallies to attend, and a month of work before I go. It seems like a lot, but I keep reminding myself that loading up and getting on the road with Josh is actually the easy part. Come with us!


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