03 January 2017

How Do You Like My Cones??

I need to make a stencil. I think it will say "agirlonamotorbike"
Then I will spray paint that on each of my ten new cones! I don't know why, but I have always been moderately obsessed with traffic cones. And, I now own some!
Figuring out where and how to buy them was slightly tricky. I mean, have you ever thought about where you would purchase traffic cones, if you wanted to purchase some? Well, I hadn't either, and I suddenly wanted some. I quickly searched online to see what kind of stores would come up locally, and the first two hits were Home Depot and Lowes. They would be my last resort.
I found a local construction supply company, looked through the offerings--there are a lot of choices in traffic cones--but couldn't find out if I could just buy them, or if I had to have an account with the company.
Then my lunch break ended.
So, I sent Josh the link to the site, told him what I was looking for, and asked him to figure it out. He is really good at that sort of thing. We would have had to open an account with them--which we could have done under Powered Productions, Llc.--but ain't nobody got time for that. And as it turns out, they can be ordered from Amazon.
They showed up Friday and were on the porch waiting for me. They were cleverly disguised so no one would steal my awesome cones.
A TOTAL of 10 cones arrived in these three giant boxes. The two smaller boxes each had one sheet of packing paper laid over the top of the cones, and the larger box was completely stuffed with paper packing materials, keeping my cones safe from harm...?
Seriously, there were three to a box in the two "smaller" boxes, and four in the bigger box. In case you're wondering how small the smaller boxes were, just know that I could ship myself and my cat quite comfortably.
The morning following their arrival, I loaded the cones up onto the back of my bike and rode an hour and a half south for a Colorado GS Girls skills and games day. It wasn't a super comfy ride, but they only added about 25lbs. to the bike. Now, that 25 lbs. is no problem when it stays where you put it, but as my friend Greg Cocks found out, it feels a bit funny when it all slides to one side. Our whole group got some good laughs when he came riding back to us with the full weight of ten traffic cones all sliding to one side, telling us the tale of wondering why his bike kept pulling to the left!
Just a girl and her cones! I rode from Denver to Colorado Springs sitting in that little space between my tank bag and that pile of cones...with very good posture! Pic by Greg Cocks


The "right" way to strap cones to a bike, vs. the "other" way...


As Greg was riding around the park, he couldn't figure out why his bike started pulling to the left. Slippery, slide-y little suckers! Pic by Greg Cocks


Well, the weather is beautiful here today. I think I'll go outside and ride around my cones. Because, well, because I can!

Have you played with the Prisma app? It is so much fun, and Greg Cocks thought this was a perfect pic to "app" into fine art!


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