20 March 2016

Vogue--or...What Not To Wear!!!


Vogue magazine published an article last fall, interviewing "Biker Babes." It has only recently come to my attention, but I knew as soon as I saw the article that the women featured would be what one thinks of as the stereotypical biker chick--a babe on a Harley out for a cruise on a sunny day. Besides the fact that this is the largest group of any motorcyclists I have had snub me out on the road, I begrudge no one, even them, the style bike and riding they prefer. If you are on two wheels, I want to get to know you, or at least say hi!

If you've read any of my blog, you know I belong to a different group of riders. We call ourselves adventurers, and most of us welcome any woman (or man...I suppose) who is interested in finding adventure on two wheels. Whether it happens on an "Adventure" bike or not is of no concern to me, or to most women I know and ride with. But we are a huge part of the motorcycling woman population.

So, why are we not highlighted in Vogue's "Ride or Die" article? I get it.


I don't have to wear mini denim and halter tops when I ride. I'm happy being safe. And quite frankly, that bike is sexy enough for both of us! Damn!


is not sexy like THIS.

I know, this is just a picture, but the inclusion of it makes more sense when you read the next pic down.


What is sexy to me is brains and skin. You know, simply possessing them because they haven't been splattered by a wall, or shaved off by a slide.

Now, I get it. I really do. This is a FASHION article, not an article about transportation safety, or an article about gear in a motorcycling magazine. However, Vogue has a huge, HUGE, population of women it reaches with every issue and I hate that it puts out there that this is the sexy way to be on a bike. And sadly, I see it every gorgeous day out on the road. I get passed by sport bikes with girls perched on the back, wearing cute dresses or short-shorts and flip flops, or women riding their own bikes in tube tops and denim shorts.

I also get that there is a culture to the Harley set, passed down through generations. A couple of the girls interviewed started to ride at a young age, with their dads. I honestly can't imagine anything better! But really, dads, aren't you better off protecting those girls by teaching them to protect themselves?

One biker babe mentioned that she will wear leather chaps--when it gets too cold to simply pull her socks up over her jeans. One other girl also mentioned that she never rides without leather--a leather handbag. **I had to actually take a moment to shake my head when I read that** Then one girl described what she wore, and how she dressed when it was hot. She actually uses the popular quote, "Dress for the slide, not the ride." IN DENIM SHORTS AND STOCKINGS!!!


Please note the large section of text...

What part of sliding across asphalt do you think stockings will protect you from? Even denim won't.

This article makes me sad and furious all at the same time. I know people will do what they want to do, and some will use their brains better than others. We all make our own choices, and to be honest, I have been known to ride in a pair of jeans on many occasions. I was glad to read this, and take some time to respond. I believe the same journalist wrote another article about MX pants being fashionable. I truly wish Vogue editors would have used the brains they no doubt do possess to hire writers who might actually know something about that which they were writing.

My real response to this article--better myself. I will be the ATTGATT girl, and I will attempt to be a better model for safe riding. Adventuring off into the wilderness, other countries, or just the next county is more fun with healthy, intact skin! I plan to keep mine that way as long as possible.

These are the women riders I find sexy. I love riding with them and trading stories of great adventure!

Bex and Brenda--CO GS Girls
Ellen--ID GS Girls
Jude--WAdvR admin


P.S.--Do you want to be sexy and safe? Try leather. Some of the sexiest women I know, including land speed world record holder, Erin Sills, wear leather. Check it out!

Erin is sexy AND badass in her leathers!




  1. Just remember, the women in the article are like the bicycle riders who are dentists or lawyers, buy a $5,000 bicycle and fancy riding clothes. They train and ride for 6 months to a year and then the bicycle goes up in the garage rafters forever. These girls probably do less than 1000 miles a year on straight roads or super slabs. My first used motorcycle I bought was owned by a woman. It was 4 years old and had 11 miles on the odometer. Dad

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