24 January 2016

Welcoming Camille


Camille--the 2015 Alpine White F700GS

Okay, I really did struggle with how to start this new blog post, but then I decided to just come out and yell it! I'd like to introduce you to Camille, the newest member of the family.

A week before purchasing Camille, I went to BMW of Denver to test ride her. I fell in love immediately!

This machine is beautiful, in so many ways. Aside from her OBVIOUS good looks and styling, this bike is so powerful and smooth in its exceleration. The instrument panel is pretty, and displays so many things, including...the outside temperature! I know this seems like kind of a small thing, but I seem to be obsessed with the temperature. The computer in the MINI is always set to display the temperature, and I always look around for signs at banks which display it as well. I'm not going to say that's my favorite feature of the new bike, but...well, it's up there!

The weather was beautiful and in the upper 50s when I picked her up. What a great day!

There are a couple of downsides to this bike. First of all, the stock seat is horrific. It was the first thing out of my mouth the first time I sat on one. No worries, though. One of my first projects on the bike will be a custom seat re-do. As I have the skills for it, I've decided to give it a go. Another downside, which ties into the re-do of the seat is that I only get my toes on the ground on this bike (and that's with the stock street tires--wait until I put knobbies on!). Anyway, shaving down the seat and adding either a gel pad or memory foam should do the trick nicely--both saving my sit bones, and getting the balls of my feet on the ground.


I have not yet sold the 650. The plan is most likely to sell her, but I have things I need to pull off first. Like the seat, early projects for the new bike will include running the wiring for my heated gloves and wiring in my USB port, which need to first come off Thumper. Other than that, she will pretty well stay intact as she is with all her aftermarket upgrades. And since she now also has a new water pump, fresh fork seals, and brand new chain and sprockets, she will be ready to go for a new rider. Although it makes me sad to say goodbye, there really isn't room for her in the garage, and I can only ride one bike at a time. I guess that's the logic behind it....

Not enough room in this stable for all my ponies. For now, however, they are all getting along beautifully. And, as the weather was beautiful both yesterday and today, they have all gotten out and gone for a ride. Yeehaw!

I have Barkbuster Storm hand guards, Rox risers, and Alt Rider crash guards (oops, I mean engine guards) and bash plate in the garage ready to install, but will have many other add-ons coming as well. A taller windscreen will be needed before a long trip--I'm really not used to how much my head whips around with this little one. Then, there is the question of luggage.

This is Noel Van Veld. He is the person I worked with a BMW of Denver and has a pretty great past in the world of motorcycling. It also sounds like he has a pretty great future in it, and I look forward to seeing him around a little more.

So many things to consider! I'm just getting started, and though it is slightly annoying having a bike not set up as one expects it to be each time a ride happens, making it be uniquely mine in fit and style is a process I'm really looking forward to. I need to throw a little love to BMW of Denver here. They were really great to work with, have some nice programs for people who buy bikes from them, and we're really helpful in getting me started with farkles. My friend, Scott, just bought a new DR650 and we are having a farkling race. I would like to say, for the record--I'm winning!

If you're waiting for pics of beautiful landscapes and travel stories, sadly you will have to wait a couple more months. Winter.... More posts will be coming in the next few weeks, however, as I slowly build this bike into my own personal machine. Stay tuned!

Thank you, Josh!


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