29 December 2015

A quick note

Update: This new app apparently just turns all my carefully crafted paragraphs into one, gigantic paragraph, unless I insert something such as a photo or video between them. I am trying to get this resolved. Until then, my new posts appear to be made up of run-on paragraphs. Is that a thing? It is now.  



I will admit it. I am woefully behind on writing.  I had some problems with the iOS 9 update completely shutting down the iPad, on which I always write. Then, I was using the Blogsy App to write--I've been using it since I started this blog--but because of changes that both YouTube and Apple have made, they have been unable to keep up with being usable. It all came to a head when I had written an entire post offline, and when I got to the library to upload, everything disappeared.  Just. Disappeared.  I was pissed. So, I have switched blog apps, and am using a new one. It may take me a few posts to get used to formatting, so please be patient. And know, also, that I am having to be patient as well.  And to Blogsy--who, since February have been claiming to try and fix things--I say:
I know, not particularly charitable. But I didn't feel particularly charitable when all of my writing disappeared into the ether.

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