06 July 2014

Oh WTF!?!

Two years ago, in Seward, AK, a bear did a number on my side mirrors. It is not often a problem, and never a problem when it is cold. But when the temps get high, and the sun beats down on the bike, the ball joints on the mirrors get warm and soft and can't hold against the strong winds. I'm pretty sure I've written about this before, oh...maybe a year ago. Well, the weather got cool, and I forgot about it again.

Riding through the Utah and California desert quickly reminded me. I searched Santa Maria for new mirrors and found none. Knowing I was going to Orange County, I called Irv Seaver BMW in Orange and asked them if they had any in stock.


They had one.

They set that one aside for me, without me even having to give them payment over the phone, and said they would order another one and it should be there by Saturday. I was a little skeptical of this claim, but the guy I talked to said it would be ordered for stock, so if I couldn't take it or decided I wanted only one--they're $64 a piece--it would be no big deal.

Saturday afternoon, my father, older brother, nephew, and I all got in the car and headed for Orange. The dealership was hoppin' when we pulled up. They were showcasing a beautiful vintage bike which had been restored.

The dealership had lunch and drinks for all who came by, and there were a lot of great bikes in the parking lot.

This bike also had a ball hitch in the back for a trailer. Someone was having grand adventures with this bike!



Um...what? Really? It was a sweet bike.

After looking at the bikes, I wandered into the dealership to the parts counter. Customers were being helped, so I waited patiently. Then I waited some more. Both people helping at the counter looked up a number of times--they knew I was there. I waited some more and my dad came over to join me after looking at gear. About 5 seconds after he came over, one of the people behind the desk looked up, waved at him, and said, "We'll be with you as soon as we can!"

My dad laughed a little, looked at me, and stopped laughing as I'm sure he saw me turn into a ball of fury.

I promptly said, "HE'S not the one you need to talk to!"

It wasn't loud enough for anyone behind the counter to hear. I didn't want them to hold it against me and "forget" they had something put aside. But the customer at the counter directly in front of me heard me, and promptly turned away looking terrified.

When I was helped, they had the one mirror but the second had not come in. In all fairness, I think when the guy I talked to said that would happen, he forgot there would be a holiday. However, I think it should also be said that I have never ordered parts from a BMW dealership and had them come in when I was told they would. So, I just don't expect it.

I bought the one mirror and left, and when we got home, I told the story to my mom and sister-in-law who both would have put up with that crap as well as I did.... My dad jokingly said, "Well, why would they pay attention to you? You're just a little girl." Although he was being completely sarcastic, it just set me off.

"When I, or anyone else, walk into a dealer, they should assume I RIDE THE HELL OUT OF MY MOTORCYCLE!" I mean, that just makes sense. Don't alienate customers and lose sales because you don't think the 5' 3 1/2" girl in heels who just walked in would ride.

After all, if you make that mistake, you only gain the wrath of me. And guess what, I WRITE A BLOG WITH SIGNIFICANT READERSHIP you dip-shits!

Please excuse me while I head on over to Facebook, Yelp, etc.....

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