18 April 2013

Landed: San Diego!

Two days of driving west landed me in San Diego. Man, once I got here I was so happy to be here! Although I drove through a bunch of snow the first day, the second day was the tougher of the two. Once I got outside of Vegas, the wind blew wildly. Driving through the high dessert area of eastern southern California, the wind was blowing entire sand dunes across the highway. Sand coated the road, and I was concerned for those few motorbike riders I saw out on the road. I had to slow it down once I turned south and was hit by the wind from the west. With the bike in the back of the truck, it made me high-profile, and I felt the truck rocking back and forth as gusts hit me. It was a little unnerving, but Thumper the Ice Queen, The Cos', and I made it into San Diego safe and sound; I was exhausted, the shocks on The Cos' are now squeaking from hauling me, my shit and the bike, and Thumper is officially the filthiest bike in San Diego.
But I don't care--I'm here!!!
This group of 8 women riders on Harley Davidsons passed me in southern Caifornia. I was excited to see such a large group of all women riders. Welcome back to So Cal, Lulu!
My company has given me a town home in Point Loma, surrounded by the Navy's former NTC buildings and marinas as far as the eye can see. I am walking distance to restaurants and stores, including Trader Joe's, and I pass an In N Out on my way home each night. My commute involves about a fifteen minute ride on two freeways. Although freeways are not usually my favorite roads, the 163 is twisty and lush with wild tree and plant growth. It's usually clear, so it's a pleasure to ride.
Thumper sweetly tucked into the garage with The Cos'. And 4 bicycles.
Going from the garage to my bedroom is like hitting the gym and using the Stairmaster!


My town house came with three beach cruisers and one mountain bike. Who wants to visit??

The first week and a half here, the sun refused to come out. It was damp and cold, and I'm pretty sure there was a stretch of about five days when I was never warm. Not once. But, yesterday morning dawned bright and sunny, in that clear blue sky kind of way that San Diego has. Not a cloud to be seen and the sun was warm. I ate lunch sitting on the wall of the dog park, absorbing the sun and getting my vitamin D. It was still sunny and gorgeous when work was done, so I hopped on my bike and road up the coast. Finally!

I CANNOT keep the hair under control! At the state beach parking lot in Cardiff By The Sea.
Gorgeous sunset that night. First time having a motorbike at the beach in 16 years. Ahhhh...this is what it's all about!

Despite the numerous stop signs and lights, it was a great ride. I passed a number of motorbikes going the opposite direction, and when I pulled up at a stop light, there was a woman on a bike in the next lane over. I looked over, smiled and waved, and the bitch stuck her nose up in the air. There she was, on her shiny Harley, and there I was on my filthy dual-sport. I'm not gonna lie, my feelings were a little hurt. I get so excited when I find other female riders, I just assume other women do too. Apparently not. But, that didn't stop my great ride, and my nice evening on my bike. It felt so good to be out, riding the coast, smelling the sea air.

One note: I discovered I REALLY need a new visor on my helmet!


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