11 November 2012

No motorbike for 3 1/2 weeks!

Three weeks ago I pulled my bike out of the garage to go for a ride, and noticed fork oil all over my forks and front wheel. Under advisement from Mike at Supertune (my bike mechanic) I decided to trailer it over rather than riding. This was the third time in 18 months that my fork seals blew, and we knew there was probably more of an issue than the seals alone.

A week before this happened, I sold my little truck. Crap! How am I going to get it to the shop? My awesome neighbor Tim! He parked his truck and trailer in front of my house one night, and the next morning, we loaded her up for the trip to the shop.

No, of course I'm not using my phone to take a picture of my bike while driving...that would be illegal!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Tim Burton for helping me!

So what do I do while I don't have my bike. Well, I solved the issue of not having a pick-up anymore, and purchased something far more suitable to the Colorado experience. It is only three years newer than its predecessor, but it uses all four wheels when I want it to! He's been dubbed The Cos', because he does look just like he is the cousin to Ian McLeod's truck. Of course.

I took the new truck out to try the 4WD in the snowy mountains. I didn't have to go far, and found myself in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. It was lovely up there, and I think I'll be heading out for some camping trips in that area.


Good lookin' truck...

...and a happy girl!

It is also hunting season here in Colorado, and the boys have been out, and are going out again. Not that they even got a shot off during first season, but it was decided that some range practice was needed. I decided to accompany the boys, and borrowed a .270 from a friend. It's been ages since I fired a rifle at a range, but after a couple of shots, it all seemed to come right back and I had a blast.


My dad will be so proud!

So, although I have been pining for my sweet bike, I've been having a good time here and there without her. She is supposed to be ready on Tuesday...I know I'm ready to get her back, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. My first ride out on her will feel so good!


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